G.E. Booth WWTP, Primary Clarifier Expansion,Mississauga, Ontario
Location: Mississauga, Ontario ROMAG is currently constructing the Primary Clarifier Expansion & Miscellaneous Improvements at G.E. Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mississauga. The project includes the addition of two primary clarifier tanks, sludge monitoring upgrades, a new effluent water pumping station, and three new aeration inlet feed channels. The work also includes a new primary influent channel that will consist of a primary inlet conduit extension, a common primary influent channel, primary feel channels, and an individual primary influent channel for each clarifier, as well as a new primary effluent channel with a secondary bypass weir gate. Two outfall chambers will also be added, with both connecting to the existing 2400mm Plant 3 outfall pipe. Additionally, the project contains the relocation of chlorination injection points to does into outfall chamber No.1