Grimsby Water Storage System

Grimsby, Ontario

Location: Grimsby, Ontario

ROMAG is currently constructing the Grimsby Water Storage System. The project includes construction of a new dual cell 16,700 cubic meter litre reservoir, associated disinfection system, emergency power system, valve chambers and water distribution mains.  It also includes modifications to the existing water storage system (piping, valves, flow meters and monitoring system), which must be undertaken in restricted time frames, after the new system is online

New equipment includes:

  • 900 linear meters of 500mm CPP watermain
  • One 100 KW / 600V / 3 phase Emergency Diesel Generator
  • One 150 KVA 27.6KV Outdoor Transformer
  • One pair of 300 Litre Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks c/w Injection & Sampling subsystems
  • Miscellaneous yard and sanitary piping
  • Building Services and SCADA