Smithville Reservoir and Pumping Station

Location: Smithville, Ontario

ROMAG constructed the Smithville Reservoir and Pumping Station, a below grade concrete 7.7 ML reservoir and water booster pumping station. 

The station is equipped with 2 pumps rated at 125 L/s, 2 additional pumps with a capacity of 50 L/s, re-chlorination facilities, and a 400 kW standby diesel generator set. 

The work required demolition of the existing well pumping station including the removal and disposal of equipment and the abandonment of the well.  The existing electrical and telephone utilities servicing the existing elevated tank were relocated.

The control logic and Operator interface displays at the Park Road Booster Pumping station and DeCew Falls Water Treatment Plant were reconfigured to accommodate the new works.

The work also included installation of yard piping, electrical duct-banks, water, sanitary sewer and stormwater lines.