Tullamore Pumping Station & Reservoir

 LOCATION: Caledon, Ontario

ROMAG successfully completed the Tullamore Pumping Station and Reservoir which involved the construction of a pumping station, a 48 ML reservoir and an administration building.

The pumping station with a peak flow rate in excess of 1,500 L/s includes the supply and installation of seven (7) Horizontal Split Case pumps (Zone 5 low lift and Zone 6 high lift), service room, generator room, MCC room and loading bay.  The administration building includes five offices, lunch room, board room, washrooms, control room, storage room and server room.  The site work includes construction of emergency flow pond, utility structure, on-site sewage system, dewatering pumping station, yard piping and chambers including site grading, fencing, landscaping and access road. The work also includes instrumentation and control, new power supply and all related HVAC work, as well as start-up and commissioning.