Project: Caledon East Well #2 & #3 Pumping Station

Location: Caledon, Ontario

The Caledon East groundwater system upgrades consisted of the complete construction at two different sites, Caledon East Well #2 and Caleldon East Well #3 with a new watermain connection between the two wells.  ROMAG constructed attractive brick clad well station buildings housing all equipment, piping and tankage.  The new watermain between the two sites was installed utilizing a directional drilling technique.  The contract also included the construction and installation of new chlorine contact tanks, sanitary holding tanks, a new diesel generator, and 2 new greensand catalytic oxidation filtration systems.  Mechanical installation also included a new well pump, supernatant pumps, submersible pumps, chemical feed pump systems, 2 UV units, new piping and valves.  Electrically the work required a new electrical power feed system including integration/ modification of existing systems, and a new SCADA system.  Romag was responsible for all start-up, testing and commissioning of the facilities.